May 05, 2004

Why bother...?

Why are we always so unhappy with the things that we're doing in our lives? When is it that we ever are just content with the way things are?

I know so many people who decide they want to do something, so they get into the course, or apply for the job. When they get in they're all smiles and happiness.

But so quickly that goes away. They get frustrated cause its not what they want, or they complain because they just don't want to do it today. This is such an ungrateful and frankly annoying attitude.

If someone wants to do something one moment, and then tries that thing and decides they don't want to do it, well how deep was the desire in the first place? Hello people!! If your life is so unfulfilled and pointless that you have to try and
do something that you just end up being annoyed about it all the time, then why in the hell are you doing it in the first place? Why not just curl up into a ball and stay that way all day? You just might end up happier if you do that.

Whether you like it or not, just try and be happy. Who cares if things aren't going your way, does being pissy about it make things any better? Does moping and moaning and generally doing your best to be depressed help in the slightest?

Be thankful to God that you are even able to do such things. Because there are plenty of people who would just love to be in your shoes and be
able to study or work. So instead of acting like an ungrateful child who doesn't get the candy they wanted, try acting with some maturity and dignity and just accept that life isnt always the best, but you can make it a lot better just by improving your outlook.

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