April 05, 2004

Ungrateful inattention...

I'm really tired right now, so my typing is more constipated than an old man who can't afford any prunes...

Why is it that we don't appreciate things until they are taken away from us? We take so many things for granted, like they're owed to us.

We don't appreciate freedom until we are without it. We don't appreciate good health until we are sick. Don't appreciate friends until they're gone. The ability to walk until we are unable to. To talk, to sing, to laugh, to dance.

Do we stop to think how someone in a wheelchair might be feeling as we walk past on our two feet? How an older person may feel when we whip past in youthful frenzy?

"Do not pass over, with ungrateful inattention or oblivion, those glorious perfections which God manifests in his creatures."

Don't know where that quote is from, but I like it. We need to appreciate what we have in life, all the freedoms, the gifts, the amazing things God has blessed us with. Because before we know it, they'll be gone.

Posted by Murray at April 5, 2004 04:48 AM
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